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complete-9-tnWhen a small business is faced with the reality of making its building wheelchair accessible, commercial wheelchair lifts are the most practical solution. Wheelchair lifts are also the best option when elevators are not feasible. There are many wheelchair lift models available. To select the best model for your small business, start by determining the exact location for the wheelchair lift. Once you know where it’s going, you can look at the options and decide on the type of wheelchair lift that is best suited for your small business.

You’ll want to choose between inclined and vertical platform lifts. Inclined platform lifts travel along guide rails mounted to the inside or outside of a stairway and can be designed for straight or curved stairs. They can also work indoors or outdoors. They are designed to meet Americans with Disabilities Act requirements. Each rail system is custom manufactured to the exact contours of the stairway, gliding along existing stairs and opening access to all levels.

Inclined platform lifts can easily be installed on a straight set of stairs. They can also be built for curved stairways and follow a staircase along 90-degree, 180-degree, and other radius turns and are custom made to match the staircase.

Vertical platform lifts operate within contained spaces. Wheelchairs travel inside a complete, self-contained enclosure and can be used to access different levels in a commercial building. They allow employees and visitors to enjoy safe and easy access to all areas and come with a 600-pound weight capacity with a sturdy platform that makes it easy to enter and exit the platform lift.

Vertical platform lifts with up to six feet of travel are not required to be enclosed but contain a gate at the upper landing to prevent a fall. Vertical platform lifts with more than six feet of travel are required to have walls and a full-height door.

Consult with the manufacturer to determine the wheelchair lift model that will be best for your small business. The manufacturer will guide you through the installation process by reviewing the location of the installation, the lift requirements, and the measurements. After reviewing the initial requirements, they will put together a proposal to insure that your wheelchair lift meets your expectations.


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