Curves and multiple levels are frequently hindrances for individuals in wheelchairs. In getting around a home or building, wheelchair users are restricted to specific areas as the result of these facets. When elevators and vertical platform lifts cannot be installed everywhere, how can full independence be attained? Circumvent all corners and effortlessly travel through all floors with an Omega IPL.

As a multi-level inclined wheelchair lift, the Omega IPL is customized to your structure. Require a platform lift that handles curved staircases and intermediate landings without problems? The Omega IPL offers accessibility through these obstructions, inside and outdoors.

With the Omega Inclined Platform Lift, no corner of a building or home is left unreachable. Not only can the Omega IPL expand accessibility for wheelchair users, its compact, unobtrusive design of a rail and folding platform, with an ADA-compliant option, keeps the stairway open for everyone else. A power outage won’t slow the system down, and the battery additionally eliminates the need for a machine room and efficiently stays powered via top and bottom charging stations.


Additional Information

Standard Features

  • 550 lb Capacity
  • 14 fpm rated speed
  • Cable drive system
  • Standard platform size of 28″ x 35″
  • Travel capability of up to 164 feet
  • Constant pressure up/down buttons
  • Emergency alarm/stop button
  • 240 VAC operation
  • Keyed call/send stations

Optional Features

  • Public building package (needed for commercial applications)
  • Outdoor operation
  • 90º platform
  • Folding seat on platform

Colors and Finishes

The Omega IPL comes standard with powder coated beige finish. Custom colors are available.

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