High-quality and luxury define the Apex Elite wheelchair lift. Custom made, this wheelchair lift is perfect for luxury hotels, convention centers, sophisticated facilities, and other high-end commercial and residential buildings. The durable metal comes with a choice of a stainless steel or brass finish. Glass panels, as well, are framed with stainless steel or brass.

One of the strongest materials for outdoor usage, stainless steel supports the Apex Elite with superior strength, durability, and corrosion and fire resistance. The metal further enhances side guards, call-send stations, and landing and platform gates.

As a low-rise travel vertical wheelchair lift with a screw drive system, the Apex Elite is suited to a variety of environments. Over a distance of 48 inches, the system offers a secure ride through a non-skid platform, sensors, and safety features.


Additional Information

Standard Features

  • 750 lb Capacity
  • 25 fpm rated speed
  • Hydraulic drive system for smooth operation
  • Standard cab platform of 34″ wide by 54″ deep
  • 42″ high platform side guard panels
  • Travel capability of up to 12 feet with up to 2 stops
  • No pit required (3″ pit recommended to avoid ramp)
  • Emergency battery powered lowering with automatic battery recharging system
  • Automatic emergency lighting for added safety
  • Constant pressure up/down buttons
  • Emergency alarm/stop button
  • 115 VAC operation

Optional Features

  • Keyed call/send stations
  • Landing gates or landing doors
  • Public building package (needed for commercial applications)
  • Outdoor operation
  • Front/back and side exit configurations
  • Telephone on platform
  • Folding seat on platform

Colors and Finishes

The Apex Elite comes in stainless steel or brass finish. Glass panels are
standard. Custom options available upon request.