The Apex Complete fully lives up to its name. Keeping the elements out, all-around enclosure envelopes an Apex Hydro or Green foundation, equipped with an anti-skid platform and safety features and offering smooth operation. A choice of painted steel, clear acrylic, or tinted acrylic panels allows the hoistway to seamlessly blend in with your home’s or commercial building’s appearance. Proving to be more than a stylistic element, the aluminum and acrylic inserts are equipped with steel components to resist corrosion.

With the enclosure integrated into the vertical platform lift system, the Apex Complete is a turnkey solution, rounded out by walls and doors or gates. As you expand mobility in and around your structure, introduce a wheelchair lift that not only gets passengers to the destination but also stays dry year round in the process.


Additional Information

Standard Features

  • 750 lb Capacity
  • 25 fpm rated speed
  • Hydraulic drive system for smooth operation
  • Standard cab platform of 34″ wide by – 54″ deep
  • 42″ high platform side guard panels
  • Travel capability of up to 12 feet with up to 2 stops
  • No pit required (3″ pit recommended to avoid ramp)
  • Emergency battery powered lowering with automatic battery recharging system
  • Automatic emergency lighting for added safety
  • Constant pressure up/down buttons
  • Emergency alarm/stop button
  • 115 VAC operation

Optional Features

  • Keyed call/send stations
  • Landing gates or landing doors
  • Public building package (needed for commercial applications)
  • Outdoor operation
  • Front/back and side exit configurations
  • Telephone on platform
  • Folding seat on platform

Colors and Finishes

The Apex Complete comes standard with powder coated beige finish. Optional acrylic inserts or custom colors are availible.

Apex Complete Drawings and Guides