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main-delta-iplWhen it comes to wheelchair lifts used by businesses, wheelchair vans can be insured in a variety of ways:

  • Liability insurance – covers injuries caused by auto accidents caused by wheelchair vans. Liability insurance can provide your wheelchair van with protection at varying levels, based on the amount of coverage you select, from a standard split level policy to a single limit policy.
  • Bodily injury – liability insurance will pay for emergency room care, doctor’s visits, prescription medications, physical therapy, and other medical bills caused by the accident. Bodily injury also pays for a person’s lost wages when he or she misses work due to recovery times and funeral expenses in the event of death.
  • Property damage – when a vehicle or other property sustains damages from a wheelchair van accident, the property damage portion of your liability insurance will pay for the cost of repairs.
  • Medical payments insurance – provides medical coverage for the wheelchair van driver and all passengers without regard to who caused the accident.
  • Physical damage insurance – protects the wheelchair van itself and protects your company from having to pay for damage to the van after an accident. There are three types of physical damage insurance protection. Comprehensive physical damage protection does not protect against losses from a collision or when your van overturns, but it does cover damages from theft, break-ins, vandalism, and natural events. Collision protection pays for damages caused by collisions or rollovers. Specified peril coverage protects you from fires and other perils specified in your insurance policy.

Check with your insurance company for coverage for liability and property damage that may be caused by your wheelchair van or other commercial wheelchair lifts. Buy the amount of insurance you need to protect your lift and the people who use it.


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