Commercial buildings need to provide accessibility options for people who use wheelchairs, inside and outside. In areas where an elevator or ramp is not an option, an inclined wheelchair lift or vertical wheelchair lift can be installed. Wheelchair lifts are the perfect alternative to elevators and provide the accessibility needed for anyone who uses a wheelchair.

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Inclined Wheelchair Lifts

Inclined wheelchair lifts travel up a set of stairs. They use a platform and rail to carry a person in a wheelchair from one floor to another. They are perfect for making any staircase accessible to a person in a wheelchair. The passenger can operate the system on their own and can easily travel between floors quickly and safely. They use rechargeable batteries that allow for them to be operable even in a power outage. The platform has an anti-skid surface, side guard, and flaps that fold up on both sides to prevent the passenger from falling off. Not all staircases go straight up and down; some take turns before they reach the next floor. In this case, a custom track can be built to guide the platform between floors.

Vertical Wheelchair Lifts

Vertical wheelchair lifts take a different approach to accessibility. They travel straight up and down to bring its passenger to another floor. Also with applications indoors and outdoors, vertical wheelchair lifts have their benefits. Vertical wheelchair lifts will safely and efficiently bring a person in his or her wheelchair from one floor to another. They can be operated by the passenger and are extremely safe. An anti-skid platform and high side guard panels keep the passenger safe during travel. Vertical wheelchair lifts provide a completely separate mode of travel for someone in a wheelchair than the person who is not in a wheelchair. The stairs will not have to be shared, and anyone in a wheelchair can feel comfortable using a separate transportation method than everyone else. Vertical wheelchair lifts have high weight capacities and can add luxury and accessibility to any commercial building.

The building, codes, and space will be major factors in whether a commercial building needs an inclined or vertical wheelchair lift. Both options will add accessibility to any building and allow people who use a wheelchair to gain access to every floor.


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