delta-2Stair lifts are cheaper, less labor intensive but just as safe and reliable as residential home elevators. While home elevators require a major investment in time, money, and space in your home, a wheel chair lift for stairs is less expensive, easy to install, and does not take up a great deal of space. There are just as many wheel chair stair lifts as there are different types of sets of stairs; there are stair lifts for curved staircases, for outdoor sets of stairs even ones that can transport people confined to wheelchairs.

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One highly reliable wheelchair lifts for stairs that is becoming increasingly popular is the Delta IPL. This lift can safely transport an industry best of 550 pounds, it has a maximum travel distance of an astonishing 82 feet, a heavy duty platform, an easy to use integrated constant pressure control switch, and it is non-handed for easy change to right or left side configuration. The Delta IPL comes with a multi-year warranty. It has been safely installed and used many homes across America; contrary to popular beliefs, platform lifts are safe and affordable. Most of them come with warrantees, expert customer service and in depth instructional guides.

Wheel chair lifts for stairs can be made to conform to most types of staircases, and for some, this type of expense might be covered by Medicaid or other types of health insurance. An investment in a wheel chair lift will improve the quality of life of those who are confined to a wheelchair or for those who are too infirm to traverse a set of stairs. Once most wheel chair platform lifts are installed, there is still ample room on the staircase for others to safely move up and down.


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