complete-9-tnWheelchair lifts are designed with safety in mind. There are wheelchair lifts that are perfect for homes and businesses. It’s important to know the differences between some of these lifts and the safety features they offer.

Vertical wheelchair lifts carry a passenger vertically from one level to another level. Some vertical wheelchair lifts are not required to be enclosed. A gate is required to prevent a fall. The gate interlocks when the cab reaches the upper landing.

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Vertical wheelchair lifts that travel a greater distance are required to be fully surrounded by walls, for safety reasons. The lower landing must have a full height door. When the door is closed, it must be flush with the interior walls of the enclosure. The upper landing is required to have a gate or door that also closes flush with the inside walls. Again, these are safety features. Both the doors must also have interlocks, preventing access when the lift is not at the landing.

Apex Wheelchair Lifts are designed with safety in mind. Here are some of the safety features you can expect to find on designated models:

  • Emergency battery-powered lowering (larger lifts).
  • Emergency alarm/stop button
  • Emergency alarm on car
  • Emergency manual lowering
  • Automatic emergency lighting (larger lifts)

Safety and security is one of the main reasons for having a wheelchair lift, be it at a home or a business. Convenience and mobility should never come with a compromise on safety.


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