There are different types of wheelchair lifts that are available for wheelchair-bound individuals who live in small homes. Each type offers advantages to help increase mobility and ease of movement.

The lifts are made to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act regulations in terms of function, design, and operability.

Vertical lifts allow individuals to easily navigate between floors in a multi-level home. Vertical lifts are much smaller than traditional elevators and have open fronts that can be easily operated by an individual in a wheelchair. Vertical lifts travel up to 14 feet and don’t require a pit. They come with an anti-skid surface, an under-panel sensor that detects objects in the lift’s downward path, and an emergency stop button. They can support up to 750 pounds.

Sometimes a vertical lift can’t reach every area of your home, so an inclined wheelchair lift that operates along a stairway is the next option. Inclined wheelchair lifts are operated by a pulley and chain mechanism that glides the wheelchair-bound individual up and down the stairs. The system gradually guides the individual up and down the stairs and is designed to accommodate the shape of the stairs. There are straight wheelchair lifts and curved lifts that can be customized for use on curved stairways. Inclined wheelchair lifts fold down on both sides, allowing for easy on and off access at both levels. They run on a rechargeable battery, ensuring the user won’t be stranded in the event of a power outage.

Investing in a wheelchair lift is a sensible thing to do for individuals who need assistance moving freely throughout and in and out of their home. Much of the cost associated with purchasing and installing a wheelchair lift maybe covered by Medicare or private insurance, which reduces out-of-pocket costs substantially.

Manufacturers offer a variety of vertical and inclined wheelchair lift options at affordable prices. Review the options and select a wheel chair lift that will accommodate wheelchair-bound members of your family and provide greater mobility and access to all areas of your home.


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