complete-9-tnFirst-time wheelchair lift owners will naturally have questions about the wheelchair lift installation process, especially if the wheelchair lift is going to be installed in a home.

The way the wheelchair lift is installed will be determined by the type of wheelchair lift that’s been purchased. The installations are different but far from complex.

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Let’s start with vertical wheelchair lifts. The platform of this wheelchair lift goes up and down. This means there is no special configuration needed based on the wall or staircase. The one part of the home that needs to be configured is the landing platform. There needs to be room in the area for the wheelchair platform. This makes it easier for the wheelchair user to get on and off the wheelchair lift. This means it’s important to prepare this area of the home for installation before the installation process begins. Any railings or walls that separate the landing area from the moving platform will need to be removed.

The installation process is a little different when it comes to inclined wheelchair lifts. This is because, unlike vertical wheelchair lifts, inclined wheelchair lifts do not travel vertically from one level to the next. Inclined wheelchair lifts are dependent on staircase in order to operate. Of course, not all staircases are the same. This means there may be a need to attach some of the tracks differently. The wheelchair lift track attaches to the base of the staircase. After attaching the track, the wheelchair lift platform will be attached the track.


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