delta-2At the present time, there are a record number of people who find themselves confined to wheelchairs; this record number is due to the culmination of two prolonged violent wars and the fact that people are living longer than ever before. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, many of our servicemen and women are returning from the battle lines without legs, arms or other vital body parts. Non-ambulatory veterans as well as disabled elderly Americans need to be able get up and down the stairs in their homes, places of employment and other public venues.

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An ideal solution to this problem is a reliable and affordable Wheelchair Stair Lift. This particular wheel chair stair lift has a weight capacity of 550 pounds, it travels a maximum of forty and it moves at a speed of fourteen feet per minute. The specs of this platform are 28″ x 35. It has a convenient manual fold, auto folding ramps for entry and exit, and a radio frequency with a wireless key fob. The safety features include but are not limited to an over speed governor, upper and lower landing limits, ramp obstruction sensors, an under platform safety pan, drive chassis obstruction sensors, and a non-skid surface.

By installing this type of wheelchair stair lift in a home or office, it will give your disabled veteran employee the ability to move from one floor to another in safe and secure manner. With a weight capacity of 550 pounds, this lift could also be used to transport a person, who might be on crutches, or an elderly person with bad legs or even a temporarily feeble person. A platform stair lift is the ideal solution to a number of problems regarding disabled family members or co-workers.


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