Many people use wheelchairs every day. While wheelchairs do increase a person’s mobility, there are still many issues that arise when stairs come into play. Wheelchair lifts allow people who use wheelchairs the ability to travel up or down a set of stairs without ever leaving their chairs.

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Curved Wheelchair Lifts

Many staircases, in the home and in the commercial sector, do not go straight up to the next floor. When staircases take turns, custom tracks are built to carry a person from one floor to the next. Elevators and vertical platforms can be expensive and can’t be installed everywhere. Wheelchair lifts are an affordable and practical mobility solution.

Wheelchair lifts use a platform and track to allow a person in their wheelchair to travel between floors. They have an anti-skid surface and flaps that fold up on both ends to prevent the chair from falling off the lift. The platform of a wheelchair lift folds up when not in use, so it will not hinder the staircase. Wheelchair lifts can be operated by the person using them with no help. A wheelchair lift will help any person in a wheelchairhave the opportunity to move between floors in their homes or in a commercial setting independently.


Wheelchair lifts for curved staircases have many benefits:

  • They are less expensive than elevators and vertical platform lifts.
  • They require no pit or machine room.
  • Installation is quick and easy.
  • Rechargeable battery allows for use during a power outage.
  • Energy efficient
  • Custom tracks can be made to fit any staircase.
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors
  • Can be operated independently by the rider.


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