hydro-4A durable, stable wheel chair lift system delivers a dependable mobility system in many structural situations and through nearly all types of outdoor conditions. Sturdy materials, safety features, versatility, and even variable styles define an Apex wheel chair lift, which is available in inclined and vertical options. Multistory buildings considering better wheelchair options or striving toward ADA compliance certainly benefit from one or both types of lifts, while homeowners seeking a more efficient alternative to ramps may benefit from either type of model. Which one is better-suited to your structure?

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An inclined system mirrors a standard stair lift but has one notable difference: no seat. Instead, a non-skid platform has enough room for a wheelchair or motor scooter and, connected to a rail, travels alongside a staircase. Apex offers straight and curved options, the latter customized specifically to the curves, contours, shape, and features of your particular staircase.

If your home or building is structurally sufficient, a vertical wheel chair lift takes a passenger in a clear straight line, indoors or outdoors. However, for safety, larger lifts require four walls – or full enclosure – on all sides of the platform. Lower and upper landings must be installed into your home, each equipped with a gate or door: a full-height door at the base and a gate or door at the top, all with an interlock to prevent falls at the same level as the interior wall.

Some vertical wheel chair lift systems go no higher than six feet, such as the Apex Green. Walls, in this case, are not crucial, but a gate, also with an interlock, at the upper landing is.

While Apex’s inclined lifts operate with a battery, charged at both ends and able to last through a power outage, a screw or hydraulic drive provides a vertical system’s motion. A hydraulic drive, part of the Apex Hydro, which travels a distance of 14 feet, involves a reservoir, pump, fluid, and piston. Fluid pumped into the piston causes the platform to rise, while flowing out back into the reservoir lowers the system. A screw drive, operating the Apex Green, positions the platform on top of a nut, which is raised or lowered by a motor and screw shaft.

Built to take passengers from the street level into a building or up one or more flights of stairs, an Apex wheel chair lift breaks through a structure’s conventional hindrances and obstructions. If a vertical or inclined lift may benefit your commercial or residential structure, browse through our product selection for more information, or fill out a quote form for a definite project cost.


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