complete-9-tnInclined wheelchair lifts are designed to carry a person along a set of stair. The platform of the wheelchair lift rides on the track that fits and follows the contour of the stairs.

Inclined wheelchair lifts are built to follow stairs along a 90-degree, 180-angle and custom radius turns. Rails on an inclined wheelchair lift are designed and made to match the staircase.

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The power behind an inclined wheelchair lift comes from a small electric motor that moves the lift up and down on an inclined track. This is why the track is installed on the side of the stairs against the wall. The wheelchair lift platform is then connected to the track. That small electric motor is enough to power that lift up and down the steps. Many inclined wheelchair lifts will come with backup batteries to ensure the lift will work during a power outage. The battery will prevent the system from stalling.

The battery is important because an inclined wheelchair lifts is made to be a safe and reliable mobility option for a person in a wheelchair. Besides the battery, these lifts have other safety features. Among them are ramp obstruction sensors and non-skid surfaces. Many of these lifts also have gates that automatically flap up and down on the front and back of the platform and a sidewall. Inclined wheelchair lifts can be used in a home or at a business. There are inclined wheelchair lifts designed to work indoors and outdoors. They can be designed to accommodate multiple floors.


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