complete-9-tnWheelchair lifts exist to make life easier. The best wheelchair lift will allow a person living with mobility issues to remain independent.

A good wheelchair lift means steps are not a hurdle. A beloved home can still be a home.

Quick research into wheelchair lifts will show you that there are two basic types of wheelchair lifts: Vertical and inclined.

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Vertical wheelchair lifts are very helpful and are the ones often found in homes. This wheelchair lift is designed to carry a passenger from one level to the next. There two common lifting mechanisms associated with vertical wheelchair lifts:

  • Screw drive. This system consists of a motor, screw shaft and a large nut. The motor spins the screw shaft, raising or lowering the nut. The vertical platform is attached to the nut.
  • Hydraulic drive. This system consists of a reservoir, pump, hydraulic fluid and a piston. Hydraulic fluid is pumped out of the reservoir and into the piston, making it rise. Fluid is then released back into the reservoir to lower the piston.

Vertical wheelchair lifts are designed to travel several feet. The model of the wheelchair lift can be defined by the travel distance of the wheelchair lift. Vertical wheelchair lifts that travel up to six feet are not required to be enclosed. A gate is required on the upper landing. Vertical wheelchair lifts with more than six feet of travel must be fully surrounded by walls.

Wheelchair Lifts are efficient and economical. They will make a wonderful addition to a home in need of mobility solutions.


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