complete-9-tnThere needs to be clear understanding of the advantages of a wheelchair lift or vertical platform lift. There are different wheelchair lift models. One of the more common questions asked by those who are considering a wheelchair lift is, What are the travel distances of the wheelchair lift?”

Again, it comes back to the wheelchair lift model. Some wheelchair lifts can travel up to 14 feet, at varying speeds. Those speeds are usually not very fast, for obvious reasons. Safety cannot be compromised because of speed.

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Vertical platform lifts transport people and/or items in an upward straight direction. It is simple and safe. Travel distances will vary.

Travel distances are also tied to the model of the wheelchair lift. Any wheelchair or platform lift that travels beyond six feet must be enclosed. This means walls must surround the moving platform on all sides. A full-height door must be installed at the lower landing. The door must be fully level with the enclosed wheelchair lift. A door or a gate with latching safety features must also be present at the upper level. The doors must be equipped with interlocks to keep doors from opening when the wheelchair lift is not on the landing level.

The travel distance factors into all of the above. Check out the travel distances and safety features included on all Apex wheelchair lifts.


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