complete-9-tnThe benefits of wheelchair lifts are numerous. They deliver freedom and flexibility to people living with mobility issues.

Many homes and businesses are going to have steps. That’s just a fact of life. This means people who need to use wheelchairs are only left with a handful of designated areas that are wheelchair-friendly.

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Wheelchair lifts help open up those mobility options. They provide a reliable and cost-effective mobility solution that elevates people from one floor to another or over front steps to an entryway.

Wheelchair lifts can also help move items as well as people. Wheelchair lifts can be used in homes and businesses to deliver items that are too heavy to carry up or down stairs. Wheelchair lifts are also called platform lifts for a reason. They are set to carry wheelchairs, therefore they have enough of a flat surface to transport other heavy items. In homes, this can mean things like laundry, groceries, trash and other items that are hard to carry for people with mobility issues.

The reliability and the ability to move cumbersome amounts of weight are what makes platform wheelchair lifts ideal for these sorts of tasks.

Many of these platform lifts are hydraulic powered. All platform lifts run on electric energy. That electric energy is then transferred into hydraulic power.

The versatility of wheelchair lifts is what is so attractive. A wheelchair ramp may help with personal mobility but it will not do much in the way of moving heavy or cumbersome objects.


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