elite-4Installing a wheelchair lift is not incredibly difficult. However, it can pose to be quiet the challenge if certain steps are not followed. Although assembly of the lift is straightforward and easy to understand, not all wheelchair lift manufacturers will you inform you of prep work. In order to succeed at building a vertical wheelchair lift, check out these installation tips.

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The Best Location – Before ordering a wheelchair lift, it is incredibly important to find the most appropriate location for the machine. Since the lift operates vertically, the machine must be installed next to a flight of stairs so that no gaps are found between the lifts platform and the top landing. This is important because the rider must be able to easily roll onto and off of the lift platform. Once a suitable location has been found, make sure there is an electrical outlet nearby. The wheelchair lift must be plugged in to an outlet, so make sure there is one nearby. Before installing the vertical lift, it is a good idea to remove handrails from the section of the landing where the lift will be installed. Most lifts come with landing gates or doors; if the one you are ordering does not, make sure you build one yourself. A door or gate will keep a person from falling from the landing when the lift is not there.

Installation Preparation – The railings are removed and an electrical outlet is available, so now what? Before assembling the lift it is important to do some pre-install prep work. One of the most important steps is building a lift base. Wheelchair lifts are heavy and need a stable base to support the weight. If the lift is being installed outside, a stable, secure base platform must be constructed. Most prefer concrete, but a solid wood base works just as well. Another issue with outside wheelchair lifts is that rain water can easily build up underneath concrete bases. Make sure to install drainage to keep water from pooling up. Last but not least, make sure that gutters have been installed or are cleaned to prevent roof runoff from falling onto the lift. After all of this has been taken care of, go ahead and start building. Most wheelchair lifts are easy to assemble and can be done within the better part of a day.

After Assembly – So the lift has been put together and is sitting nicely on the platform you made earlier. The very last thing you need to do is anchor it. Bolt or strap the lift to the base to keep it stable and secure.


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