Businesses are required to accommodate for individuals with disabilities. Instead of having winding ramps built that take up a lot of space outside or installing expensive commercial elevators, a business can purchase a wheelchair lift. Wheelchair lifts will increase accessibility and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

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Accommodating for Individuals with Disabilities

Wheelchair lifts add accessibility to any building. Businesses should make the proper accommodations for customers, clients, and employees who have disabilities. Instead of building large winding ramps to get into a commercial building, a wheelchair lift can be installed. The same goes for inside the building; anywhere there is a set of stairs, a wheelchair lift can be put in. There are many codes and requirements that may require accommodations to be made for those with disabilities. By purchasing a wheelchair lift a business can meet those requirements and allow for access to the building by anyone, even if they use a wheelchair.

Types of Wheelchair Lifts

There are two main types of wheelchair lifts. There are either inclined or vertical wheelchair lifts that can be used in commercial buildings. Inclined wheelchair lifts are meant for providing transportation up a set of stairs for someone who is in a wheelchair. The system is comprised of a platform, rail, and rechargeable battery. The passenger can operate the wheelchair lift by themselves and can easily and safely ride up and down the staircase. The platform has anti-slip material on it and has a side guard for safety. Whenever the wheelchair lift is not in use, the platform folds up out of the way and the battery charges. When a staircase takes a turn before the next floor a custom rail is manufactured, allowing for an inclined stair lift to be used on any staircase.

The other type of lift is the vertical wheelchair lift. This version of the wheelchair lift moves up and down to bring its passenger to another floor. The vertical wheelchair lift is similar to an elevator and has higher side guards. A vertical wheelchair lift can also be operated independently by the passenger and can also be installed inside or outside. This version will not ever hinder the stairs for other people but does cost more money.

The available space in a building and where the mobility accommodation needs to be determine which version of wheelchair lift should be used. Both the inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts add mobility to any business and allow anyone who uses a wheelchair access to the business.


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