complete-9-tnAdding a wheelchair lift to a business can bring a sense of safety and security to employees and customers.

Of course, every business is different. Here’s the good news: There are vertical lifts that can work for most businesses.

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Wheelchair lifts offer stability and versatility. There are wheelchair lifts on the market that will work indoors or outdoors.

Vertical platform lifts obviously move in a vertical direction. This differentiates a vertical lift from a standard wheelchair lift that moves up the staircase. The vertical platform lift does not even need to be near stairs. However, it does need access to an open landing. In this way, it is easy to think of the vertical lift as a relative to the traditional elevator. A vertical platform lift can be operated independently by the passenger and can be installed indoors or outdoors.

This allows tremendous versatility to a business. It allows a business an indoor and an outdoor option for improved mobility. A vertical platform will not hinder stair use in the business.

The more traditional wheelchair lift certainly will work for a business. This lift will be attached to a staircase at your place of business. This does not have to be a traditional staircase. There are wheelchair lifts designed to work on curved staircase and staircases located outdoors.

Choosing the right option for mobility will benefit your business and your customers.


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