Apex EliteWhether going from one level to the next or one floor to another, vertical platform lifts raise and lower through a screw drive or hydraulic system. For safety reasons, lifts often contain a fully enclosed hoistway and include a platform designed to reduce friction.

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Within this basic framework, the typical vertical platform lift consists of the following parts:

Electric Drive: Using an AC or DC current, the lift’s drive powers a hydraulic or worm gear mechanism to lift and lower the platform

The Platform: Also known as a “deck,” this nonskid surface features slip-resistant rubber or metal strips to add more friction. This facet keeps the wheelchair or motor scooter in place while the platform moves.

Assist Bar: Before the lift moves, it’s advised for the user to grip onto this handle for safety reasons.

Crank: Although many vertical lifts have battery backup, some models come with a hand crank to lift and lower the platform, should the power run out.

Controls: Vertical lifts come with a set of controls to lift and lower the platform from one floor to another. Constant pressure must be applied.

Safety Sensor: You never know when an emergency will arise. As a result, lifts come with a safety mechanism, one that stops when it encounters an obstruction.

A Folding Ramp: Also called a toe plate, this small ramp unfolds from the platform to assist the user with getting on and off. In travel, it folds back up and won’t obstruct the ride.

Drive Mechanism: Many lifts operate with a worm gear or screw drive system, which rotates to raise the platform up and down. Others incorporate a hydraulic mechanism that, when oiled, lifts the platform to the specified height.

Enclosure: While all lifts come with some kind of enclosure, the distance the platform travels determines how comprehensive it needs to be. Lifts going from one level to the next – a distance often no more than six feet – simply have walls surrounding the platform. Yet, when the vertical mechanism takes the lift up a floor or even two, the enclosure essentially functions as a hoistway, fully around the platform and offering doors on each floor. Manufacturers use a combination of corrosion-resistant steel or acrylic panels and add gates to each doorway.

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