Many homes and businesses use wheelchair lifts to increase mobility for people who use wheelchairs. A wheelchair lift will make any home or building wheelchair accessible both inside and out. Almost any staircase can be fitted with a wheelchair lift that will give a physically disabled person the ability to independently travel between floors safely.

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Safety Features

Wheelchair lifts provide a safe and efficient way for anyone in a wheelchair to travel between floors in their homes or a commercial building. They take up less room than an elevator, do not require a pit of machine room, and are much less expensive. Wheelchair lifts come with many safety features to ensure the passenger a smooth and safe ride:

  •  Anti-skid surface on the platform
  •  Flaps on both sides that fold up while lift is in motion
  •  Emergency alarm/stop button
  •  Keyed call/send stations
  •  Automatic emergency lighting
  •  Emergency battery-powered raising and lowering with automatic battery recharging system
  •  Side guard panels
  •  Folding platform

How They Work

Wheelchair lifts use a platform and rail system to carry a person between floors without ever getting out of his or her wheelchair. They can be operated by the passenger with no help. A rechargeable battery powers the lift system, allowing for it to be used even in the event of a power outage. When a person enters the lift, the flaps fold up, and the platform carries them to the next floor. After the passenger exits the lift, the platform folds up, so it does not block the stairs from other people using the staircase.

By adding a wheelchair lift to any home or building, accessibility will be increased. They have the ability to be used both indoor and outdoor, giving people who use a wheelchair their independence back. Anyone who uses a wheelchair can operate a wheelchair lift without any help. No area of a person’s home or floor in a building will be off limits to a person in a wheelchair when a wheelchair lift is installed. Wheelchair lifts are safe, affordable, and practical. Anyone who wants to make all areas of a home or building accessible to anyone should install a wheelchair lift.


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