delta-2Here at Apex Wheelchair Lifts, we strive to give people restricted to wheelchairs their independence and mobility back in their home or workplace. We offer several different platform wheelchair lifts that can help gain access to anywhere with residential and commercial models. With one of our wheelchair lifts, you can be confident that you can live and work independently with no worries.

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We have two different types of platform wheelchair lifts available for residential and commercial uses. Our products either come as vertical or inclined platform wheelchair lifts. Depending on the space available and distance that needs to be traveled will help you decide which lift is best for your situation.

If you need a platform wheelchair lift that will take you straight up and down, our vertical platform wheelchair lifts are perfect. We offer four different models of vertical lifts: the Apex Green, Apex Hydro, Apex Complete, and Apex Elite. The Apex Green is our economic model and is great for both indoor and outdoor use. It can travel up to six feet and is great for bringing someone in a wheelchair up to a deck or where there is a change in floor height. The Apex Hydro is also great for home use, indoor or outdoor. It can travel up to 14 feet and make two stops. This vertical wheelchair lift does not require a machine room, making it easy to install. A non-skid platform prevents the wheelchair from wobbling while the lift is in motion.

Both the Apex Elite and Apex Complete are enclosed lifts. They are great for commercial use and travel up to 12 feet with two stops. Because they are enclosed they are great for outdoor use. The Elite model is custom made and great for luxury hotels and large commercial buildings. Your employees and guests will feel independent and confident when you have a wheelchair lift in your building.

Our inclined platform wheelchair lift line includes two different models. You can choose between the Delta IPL and the Omega IPL. The Delta IPL is great for traveling up the stairs in your home. The platform folds up when not in use and has a rail system to easily travel between floors. The Omega IPL is better for commercial use, because it is customized to your location. The rail system is built custom to reach multiple floors and even take turns. The platform is unobtrusive, as it folds up whenever it is not in use. Both models have charging stations at the top and bottom, ensuring riders will never get stuck in the event of a power outage.

Whether you need a platform wheelchair lift for your home or business, Apex Wheelchair Lifts is your place to get the best lifts. Check out our website to see more details about each lift and the optional features we offer.


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