Apex EliteIs there a higher level or platform that needs to be accessed? Do stairs transition one space to another? If you can look around your home or business and find these instances, then a wheelchair lift presents a possible solution.

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In Commercial Spaces

In public and commercial buildings, ramps are frequently installed to provide access from one space to another, while elevators help wheelchair users access all floors. Yet, some claim ramps look unsightly, while, in other instances, they’re not structurally practical.

As a result, wheelchair lifts may be needed:

  • In areas with an elevated platform or stage.
  • In historic buildings, which can’t be structurally compromised.
  • In places with auditoriums, including schools, colleges, and churches.
  • Any type of public or professional building where stairs are used to go between floors.
  • Places with an entrance that’s not at street level.
  • If your commercial facility or public building is designed with a deck.

In Residential Spaces

Homes present their own unique mobility issues. Stairs must be ascended, access needs to be provided from one floor to the next, and any elevated or platform spaces must be dealt with.

While a ramp may suffice in many of these, potential areas needing a wheelchair lift include:

  • Any decks or porches, especially if a visitor must climb a small set of stairs to access a porch before entering your home.
  • Entrance or exit points that are elevated or have steps taking you down to street level.
  • Any staircases inside and outdoors.
  • Common areas inside a multi-dwelling unit.

Whether you need to outfit a commercial building or a home with improved wheelchair access, Apex presents an array of options. Explore both vertical and inclined wheelchair lifts through our store.


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