complete-9-tnMany homes, schools, and businesses use wheelchair lifts to increase mobility for people who use wheelchairs. They make homes and buildings accessible inside and out. Almost any staircase can be fitted with a wheelchair lift that will give a physically disabled person the ability to travel independently and safely between floors.

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Wheelchair lifts take up less space than elevators, do not require a pit or machine room, and are much less expensive. They come with a variety of safety features, including anti-skid surfaces on the platform, flaps on both sides that fold up while the lift is in motion, and an emergency alarm/stop button. They also feature emergency lighting and a battery-powered raising and lowering feature with an automatic recharging feature.

A wheelchair lift uses a platform and rail system to carry a passenger between floors without having to get out of the wheelchair. It can be operated by the passenger without help. When an individual enters the lift, the flaps fold up and the platform carries them to the next floor. After the passenger exits the lift, the platform folds up so it doesn’t block the stairs from other people using the staircase.

A wheelchair lift operates along the stairs on a rail that is fixed either to the stair risers or the wall side. The platform rests in a vertical position when it’s not being used to keep the staircase open. When a wheelchair user needs to use the lift, he or she can power it up with the push of a button, and the platform swings down to a horizontal position so the user can roll on. There is a locking mechanism that stops the wheelchair from moving when it is in place. Then the user moves a lever to go up or down. When the lift reaches its destination, the locking mechanism is released, and the user rolls off.

Wheelchair lifts can be used inside or out with a ramp that automatically extends. The lift can carry up to 750 pounds and lift up to 14 feet of vertical height.

Wheelchair lifts are frequently used in schools and have received praised from school officials. A school principal said, “It is easy to use and move around, yet once the mechanism is in place it is solid and stationary. We use it to get our wheelchair students onto the stage in our auditorium.” Another school administrator said, “The lift is very mobile, easy to position, easy to operate, and flexible. Operators need minimum training, and the device is low in maintenance time and cost.”

Look online for wheelchair lift providers that offer a variety of models that provide efficient and economical mobility solutions in homes, schools, and commercial buildings. They elevate passengers from one floor to another or over steep front steps to an entryway. No area of a person’s home or floor in a building will be off limits to a person in a wheelchair when a wheelchair lift is installed. Wheelchair lifts are safe, affordable, and practical. Anyone who wants to make all areas of a home or building accessible to everyone should install a wheelchair lift.


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