A wheelchair lift is certainly about convenience and mobility options.

It is also about safety. We don’t want to gloss over the economic and efficient aspects of a wheelchair lift.

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The best wheelchair lifts are designed with safety in mind and back it up with quality safety features.

• A good backup batter is a great place to start. Wheelchair lifts are powered by electricity. A backup battery allows the wheelchair lift to function during a power outage. This adds to a level of comfort, allowing people to know that an interruption in power will not keep the lift from properly operating. Make sure you have a backup battery that is properly charged and ready for use.

• Many wheelchair lifts will also come with safety lights, emergency on/off switches, anti-skid platforms and side guard panels. You should check periodically to make sure these things are all working properly. Also make sure there is no debris on the side guard panels.

A clear path is crucial for the smooth operation of a wheelchair lift. A wheelchair lift equipped with a track sensor and alarm system. This will decrease the chances of anything blocking the wheelchair lift. This also increases wheelchair lifts safety.


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