complete-9-tnWe know what great improvements wheelchair lifts and stair lifts can have to the lives of people with mobility issues.

Yet, there is always the issue of cost. It’s something that needs to be talked about, given the fact that wheelchair lifts and stair lifts are so helpful to the elderly and to those who have mobility problems.

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Stair lifts and wheelchair lifts can provide mobility and independence to these people and allow them to maintain an independent lifestyle. The people are not forced to move from their homes because they can move from floor-to-floor.

People who use wheelchair lifts, or family members of people who use wheelchair lifts or stair lifts, often wonder if wheelchair lifts and stair lifts are covered by insurance.

The bad news is, Medicare does not cover stair lifts. The stair lift is classified as a “home modification” instead of “durable medical equipment”.

The good news is, most private medicalinsurance companies will pick up at least some of the cost of buying a stair lift. The insurance may also cover some of the installation costs. However, things like maintenance and repairs are usually not covered by medical insurance.

There are other options. First, always check with your insurance provider when it comes to the cost and installation of a wheelchair lift or stair lift. Also, check with local agencies for aging programs. These agencies may be able to use funds from the Older Americans Act to modify homes with stair lifts or wheelchair lifts.


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