omega-4An outdoor wheelchair lift is ideal for someone who has difficulty with stairs and can safely transport a person from the ground to the porch. Outdoor wheelchair lifts have marine-grade vinyl seats and covers that protect the lift from debris and extreme weather. They are sealed with a cover that protects the motor and seat, and some outdoor wheelchair lifts have heaters to keep the motor warm.

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Outdoor wheelchair lifts operate in all weather conditionsand have weight capacities up to 750 pounds. While some operate with a standard outdoor plug, most outdoor wheelchair lifts are battery-operated, so they can make numerous trips in the event of a power outage. All the electrical components have been waterproofed, and the cover protects the seat and carriage so the wheelchair lift is always clean, dry, and ready to use.

Outdoor wheelchair lifts are designed to accommodate porch stairs and other outdoor obstacles and are packed with unique features, including an ergonomic joystick control and folding seat and footrest to increase comfort and convenience.

The components of an outdoor wheelchair lift include the lift tower, carriage with toe plate, base frame, solid handrail, control wall extension, carriage gate, upper gate, remote call station and tower mounting angle. Follow the installation manual carefully to install the wheelchair lift starting with the base frame and tower.

Look online for outdoor wheelchair lifts in a variety of styles and compact sizes that come with a variety of safety features to assist you or a loved one with accessing your porch and other outdoor areas. Most outdoor wheelchair lifts are designed for self-installation by the average homeowner. They can also be professionally installed by the company they are purchased from if you don’t feel comfortable installing them on your own.


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