complete-9-tnStandards and guidelines have been put in place via the American Disabilities Act to make certain that businesses and public areas are accessible to people with mobility issues. This would certainly include people in wheelchairs.

These standards and guidelines impact small businesses. This is where a wheelchair lift can be a perfect solution.

Inclined wheelchair lifts are powered by a small motor and are designed to carry a person along a set of stairs. There is no need for major construction or upheaval of your home. Don’t worry about making home renovation plans.

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Wheelchair lifts don’t require anywhere near the space of a conventional elevator. Plus, a conventional elevator may be impractical in a one- or two-story building. There may not be enough space or accessibility. There are areas where an elevator or ramp is not an option. These are areas where an inclined or vertical wheelchair can be installed. Wheelchair lifts provide accessibility to anyone who uses a wheelchair.

Inclined wheelchair lifts are used to travel up a set of stairs. A platform and rail is used to carry a person from one flight of steps to another. They can add wheelchair accessibility to any staircase, including curved staircases.

Vertical wheelchair lifts travel straight up and down to bring a person from one floor to another. There are vertical lifts designed to work both indoors and outdoors. An anti-skid platform and side panels help keep a passenger safe during travels.


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