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One of the best ways to maintain a wheelchair lift is to use it in accordance with the instructions and never use it for anything other than its intended purpose. Just like any other piece of machinery, a wheelchair lift should only be used to transport infirm people up and down the stairs. If these lifts are used for purposes other than this, then they are susceptible to damage – both seen and unseen.

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Users of wheelchair lifts should read their owner’s manual and be completely familiar with the best way to operate this type of chair and learn the manufacturer’s suggestions for maintaining the recommended maintenance schedule. Taking the time to learn the best practices for properly maintaining a wheelchair lift is a very wise idea – one that will make everyone happy.


Another way to ensure the longevity and proper functionality of the lift is to make sure that is installed by a certified professional who has a wealth of installation experience; moreover, once the wheelchair lift has been installed, it should be checked for excessive wear and tear every twelve months.

Checking On Your Own

One of the most effective ways that a user can prologue the lift of a wheelchair lift is by systematically checking the lift for loose bolts, worn treads, and poor electrical connections; these parts need to be tightly fastened and properly installed.

Battery Recharging

Another great way to ensure that the lift will operate at its maximum capacity is to keep the battery fully charged. These particular types of wheelchair lifts operate best when there is a fully charged battery. When a battery is allowed to completely discharge, it can easily be damaged and may even have to be replaced. Owners of these lifts should make a battery recharging a part of their regular routine.


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