delta-2If you’re in the process of considering a wheelchair lift for your home or business, you’ve likely thought about the structural aspects, from the mobility device itself to the amount of space required. Yet, along with these facets, you might have asked yourself, “How fast will it travel?”

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Speed, here, is contingent on configuration – where the lift goes, how fast it travels, and the type of track used. Here’s a breakdown by model and type:

Vertical Platform Lift

A typical vertical platform lift, a model which travels up or down by way of a hydraulic or screw drive system, averages about 0.15 meters per second, or about 20 feet per minute.

elite-4Yet, speed isn’t uniform across all models. A typical hydraulic lift will do about 20 feet per minute, but a full-height model, which often has to travel a greater distance, may ascend as fast as 30 feet per minute.

Within Apex’s selection, the Apex Hydro, Elite, and Complete systems all fall within these parameters, moving at 15 feet per minute on average.

Inclined Lifts

Common indoors and aligned with a staircase, inclined lifts features a platform that travels along a track. Models are built with a straight or curved design that connects one landing to another.

The type of track influences how fast this lift will go:

  • Straight inclined lifts – About 20 feet per minute.
  • Curved – About 10 feet per minute.

Along with these aspects, the greater the distance the lift has to go, the slower it tends to move. A multi-deck inclined lift, for instance, moves at about eight feet per minute.

For Apex’s two inclined models, the Delta IPL, which uses a rack and pinion drive system, averages about 20 feet per minute, while the Omega IPL, with cable-driven functionality, moves at 14 feet per minute.

All lifts, inclined and platform, are equipped with a constant pressure up/down button and an emergency alarm/stop button.

Whether you have a certain distance in mind or are looking to explore your options, Apex Wheelchair Lifts offers a choice of inclined and vertical systems. Browse our selection to learn more, or contact us for additional information.


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