delta iplAn inclined platform lift stands out with a simple design of a rail and a fold-out surface. Whether straight or curved, these models are suited for floor-to-floor use, such as entering a building from the outside and traveling along the ground to a second level.

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The straightforward form and operation prove advantageous for both home and business owners, offering mobility in places where an elevator, LULA system, and vertical lift cannot be installed. Furthermore, this type of wheelchair lift tends to be more compact: After use, the ADA-compliant platform folds up against the wall, leaving space for others to use the stairs.

Yet, even within this seemingly uncomplicated design, many wonder how an inclined lift operates:

With a Motor

The heart of operation comes from a motor that moves the platform along a track. Systems are typically battery powered in some form, charging continually to offer a backup plan during a power outage.

As another bonus, the motor-powered design means a machine room isn’t needed, so installation is direct and less time consuming.

With a Rail and Platform

Once you go past the motor, the framework for an inclined platform lift consists of two key components. One is a platform, designed in an ADA-compliant size, that folds down for use and up once the user reaches his or her destination.

To keep the user secure, platforms themselves feature a textured surface for improved friction and a small ramp for getting on and off.

Taking the user to this point is a rail, made out of steel or aluminum. Most operate by a rack-and-pinion drive system to move the platform from one floor to another. An automatic brake ensures the lift stops once it reaches the next floor.

Because of this setup, your home or commercial facility requires few structural modifications in installation, and the lift can often be added as is.

Apex carries two types of inclined platform lifts, a standard straight design and a custom curved model. Explore our systems today, and contact us with any questions or to request a quote.


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