omega-4So, you know that you need a wheelchair lift installed in your home, but you’re nervous that you won’t be able to find one that suits your home’s infrastructure. You see, unlike some of your friends, your staircases are anything but normal. They twist and curve and you love them for it. It was part of the reason you bought your home in the first place – for its character. Now that you use a wheelchair, you need help getting to the upper levels of your home. You’ve been told to find a wheelchair lift but will one actually work with your unique staircases? You bet they will! Here are some ways that curved platform lifts work on curved staircases.

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A Market for Curved Staircases – Contrary to what you may have thought, curved and twisting staircases are quite popular in most modern homes. Knowing this, wheelchair lift manufacturers have worked hard to accommodate. Wheelchair lifts were originally built to operate alongside straight staircases; now that there is a need for curved platforms lifts, more and more options are appearing on the market. Where there is a need, the manufacturer responds. If you need a curved wheelchair lift, you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding the perfect one.

How They Work – So, how does a curved wheelchair lift get you and your wheelchair to the next level of your home? Simple. First, you must understand the two major differences in wheelchair lifts. The first type of wheelchair lift is the lift that stands adjacent to a flight of stairs. This platform brings the rider from one landing to the next without relying on the staircase for guidance. The lift simply takes the rider to the next level by carrying him or her vertically. A vertical lift can be installed anywhere in the home. Now, the other type of wheelchair lift is a bit more complex; the second type follows the curve of the staircase. This is probably the type you are most familiar with. If so, you’re probably wondering how a wheelchair lift can possibly climb a curved staircase. All that’s needed is a customized set of tracks. In fact, this is the only difference found between a straight staircase wheelchair lift and a curved one. A specialized track is built to allow the lift to follow the natural curve of the stairs. Most lifts allow you to fold up the platform once you’ve reached the landing to allow ample space for other non-lift users who are using the stairs.


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