You know that you need to install a curved platform lift in your home, but you’re not so sure if you’ll be able to find a curved model that will work on the dimensions of your staircase. You find yourself wondering, “How are curved wheelchair lifts designed?”, “Are they one size fits all?”, or “How does one model fit on so many different staircases?” Well, turns out, they don’t. If you’re curious how a curved staircase will fit in your home, keep reading to find out how they are designed.

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Custom Made – If you thought that a curved staircase lift could easily be picked from a catalog, you couldn’t be more wrong. Each and every staircase is different: Even if two look the same, their width, height, and degree of curve will be very different. Knowing this, it is very important that each and every curved platform lift be matched perfectly to the staircase it is intended for. Although the same parts and technique may be used to design, create, and install the platform lift, it will indeed be different from the rest. To find out how your curved platform list will be created, keep on reading.

Measurements – The first thing that must be done before a platform lift can be designed is measurements must be taken. Once the staircase is measured and re-measured, the design for the curved wheelchair lift can be created. Once the design is ready, the manufacturing of your custom-built wheelchair lift can commence.

omega-4Installation – Once the wheelchair lift is made, it can then be installed in your home. Remember, there is no other wheelchair lift like yours, and it will not fit flawlessly on any other staircase but your own. In order to install the wheelchair lift onto the stairs, two things must happen. First, the rail that the wheelchair lift rides upon must be fitted to the side of your staircase. Now, depending on how your staircase is built, the rails will either be attached to the baseboards or to the railing. Metal, spiral staircases are great because the lift can easily be attached to the handrail. For stairs with no handrails, creative means must be taken to install the platform rail. After the rail has been installed, the second step must be taken: The platform will be attached to the rail. Note, if you have not already purchased a custom-made curved wheelchair lift, keep in mind that they will take up a substantial amount of room. Be prepared to lose walking space on your stairs when the lift is in operation.


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