delta-2Here at Apex Wheelchair Lifts, we carry several different kinds of home wheelchair lifts. If you are restricted to a wheelchair, one of our wheelchair lifts can make your life at home much easier. You can feel independent once again by being able to access all areas of your home.

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Depending on where you need access determines which wheelchair lift you should purchase. At Apex Wheelchair Lifts, we have both vertical and inclined home wheelchair lifts.

Our vertical wheelchair lifts are great for indoor and outdoor use. We have two different models, the Apex Green and Apex Hydro, which are great for home use. The Apex Green is our most economical model and is ideal for bringing someone in a wheelchair up a short distance inside or outside. The Apex Green can travel up to six feet and no assistance is needed. If you need to get up to your front deck or get between rooms with different floor heights, the Apex Green is for you. The Apex Hydro is the perfect wheelchair lift to bring someone between floors in your home. This wheelchair lift can travel up to 12 feet and make two stops. No pit is required for either of the vertical home wheelchair lifts, which makes installation less intrusive and less expensive.

Our other wheelchair lifts are for inclined surfaces. They are great for traveling up a set of stairs safely while never getting out of your wheelchair. Our inclined wheelchair lifts have platforms that fold up when not in use, so they does not hinder the stairs for others. Our Delta IPL model is perfect for residential use. It comes standard with an automatic battery recharging system, so you never have to worry about getting stuck in a power outage. Both ends of the lift fold down, making for easy on and off access at both sides of the staircase. The rail system is easily installed along the staircase, and no machine room is required. The Delta IPL can travel up to 82 feet and will give you the freedom to travel between floors independently.

Check out all of our home and commercial wheelchair lifts on our website. We look forward to working with you to help get you the wheelchair lift you need to help you become more independent.


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