delta-2At Apex Wheelchair Lifts, we carry several different kinds of home wheelchair lifts that would make a great addition to your house. If you or a family member is confined to a wheelchair, one of our lifts will give you the freedom and mobility to move between the floors of your home on your own.

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Our vertical home wheelchair lifts bring you straight up and down between floors. Our Apex Green model is great for both indoor and outdoor uses. It can travel up to six feet and does not require a pit. Standard features include an anti-skid surface, an under-panel sensor that detects objects in downward path, and an emergency stop button. This home wheelchair lift can support up to 750 pounds and is our most economical model. Our Apex Hydro is another great vertical home wheelchair lift and allows a passenger to travel up to 14 feet.Sometimes, vertical lifts are unable to reach every area of your home, so we also carry inclined options. These are great for moving someone up to another floor where there are stairs. Inclined home wheelchair lifts are compact and efficient, increasing mobility for anyone who uses a wheelchair. Our Delta IPL model is the perfect way to move between two floors in your home. It will allow you to travel for up to 82 feet, and no assistance is needed. There platform folds down on both sides, allowing for easy on and off access at both levels. The system runs off a rechargeable battery, ensuring you will not be stranded in the event of a power outage. They Delta IPL inclined home wheelchair lift comes standard with an automatic battery recharging system, emergency alarm and stop button, 42 inch high side guard panels, and an anti-skid surface.Check out the Apex Wheelchair Lifts website to see all of the different home wheelchair lift models and options that we offer. Regain your independence and mobility in your home by purchasing any of our great home wheelchair lifts.


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