There are thousands of handicapped wheelchair lifts to choose from; however, before you make a decision, it is important to understand that handicapped wheelchair lifts fall into two main categories: verticalomega-3 wheelchair lifts and inclined wheelchair lifts. Before you decide which lift would be perfect for your home or office, make sure you understand the difference between these two lift categories.

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Vertical wheelchair lifts do exactly what they say; they lift wheelchair users vertically. Vertical wheelchair lifts are designed to vertically lift a person to the top of a flight of stairs, porch, or deck. Vertical wheelchair lifts can be a good option if you have ample space to place an elevator-like lift. They are also a good option if your intended user is timid and uncomfortable using other lift options. Vertical wheelchair lifts are completely enclosed, making the ascent, or descent, safe and comfortable for the user. The only time walls are not required on a vertical wheelchair lift is when the lift does not exceed six feet of travel.

The inclined wheelchair lift also does exactly as it implies; it carries its passenger along a set of inclined stairs. The difference between the vertical and inclined wheelchair lift is that the inclined wheelchair lift follows the form of the stairs while the vertical lift ascends or descends in a vertical fashion. The inclined wheelchair lift may be a good option for you if you are looking to save space, or if you have a spiral or curvy staircase with multiple landings. The inclined wheelchair lift is compact; it folds up when not being used so that the stairway can be used by everyone! This space saver option can also aid wheelchair users on outdoor staircases. Just make sure the intended user of the inclined wheelchair lift is comfortable operating and riding a more compact, open style lift before purchasing.


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