complete-9-tnVertical platform lifts are a useful tool for a home or business looking to increase its mobility issues. However, there are guidelines that must be followed, depending on the type of vertical platform lifts.

Vertical platform lifts with more than six feet of travel are required to be fully surrounded by walls. The Apex Hydro wheelchair lift features 42-inch high platform side guard panels. It has travel capability of up to 12 feet. The lift is powered by a hydraulic system. It is designed for both residential and commercial accessibility.

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There are other requirements that go with vertical platform lifts. The vertical lifts that travel beyond six feet must also must have a full height door. When the door is closed, it must be flush with the inside wall of the enclosure. The upper landing is required to have a gate or door that closes flush with the inside walls of the enclosure. Both doors of these vertical platforms must have interlocks. This prevents access to the enclosure when the platform lift is not at the landing.

Vertical platform lifts that travel shorter distances are not held to the same requirements. The lifts that travel only up to six feet are not required to be enclosed. However, a gate is still required to be on the upper landing to prevent a fall.

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