complete-9-tnMaintaining your wheelchair lift is the key to getting the most out of the lift. There is no great secret or trick.

Much of wheelchair lift maintenance is common sense. Yet it is still crucial to keep the wheelchair lift in good condition.

Remember, think of the wheelchair lift as an investment and it’s always a good idea to protect an investment.

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It all starts with proper installation. Any wheelchair lift, either in a home or a business, should be installed by a professional. After installation, a certified professional should be brought in once every 12 months to check for wear and tear. This should be done even if the wheelchair lift is not used in a “high traffic” area like it would be at a busy business.

Many of the wheelchair lifts are battery-powered, so it is important to make sure the battery is properly charged. Some of the best wheelchair lifts are at their best when the batteries are fully charged. If a battery is allowed to drain, it can be damaged.

There are other ways to maintain the wheelchair lift. Check for loose power connections, worn treads and loose bolts.

Don’t toss the owner’s manual. There is valuable information that can be used as a reference throughout the life of your wheelchair lift.


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