delta-2You’re incredibly excited about your new wheelchair lift and are preparing to install it. There are two major wheelchair lift models available for purchase –inclined and vertical – with installation processes different for each model.

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For starters, all necessary screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware are supplied in the parts bag with your wheelchair lift. You will need these tools to install your lift: medium-sized hammer, electric drill, box cutter, pry bar, volt meter, concrete anchors, screw driver, socket, and combination wrenches.

Here are tips for installing an inclined wheelchair lift:

1. The inclined lift follows the natural curve of the stairs, so you’ll attach the lift to your staircase.
2. Installation begins with the attachment of the wheelchair lift track to the base railing of the staircase.
3. Not all staircases are the same, so some tracks will run over the baseboards and others will be attached to the staircase railings.
4. After the track is attached, the platform can be fastened to the track.
5. Once the controls are set up and power is hooked up, the inclined wheelchair lift will be ready to carry wheelchair passengers to the next level.

complete-5Here are five tips for installing a vertical wheelchair lift:

1. The vertical wheelchair lift brings a wheelchair user from one floor to the next via a platform that moves vertically.
2. Find the best location for the lift which should be installed next to a flight of stairs with an electric outlet nearby.
3. The only part of the home that needs to be configured is the landing platform, so prepare the landing zones on each floor, and if there are railings or calls that separate the landing from the moving platform, remove them.
4. Once the lift arrives, it can be installed on site with parts brought in and put together in the space allotted.
5. The very last thing you need to do is anchor the lift. Bolt or strap the lift to the base to keep it stable and secure.

The time it takes to install a platform lift depends on the make and model. On average, it usually takes three to four hours to install a wheelchair lift. Look online for inclined and vertical wheelchair lifts you can install yourself by following these important steps. Follow the instructions that come with your wheelchair lift carefully and feel free to call the manufacturer for assistance.


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