delta-2Due to longstanding local, state, and federal laws, employees who are unable to get up or down a set of stairs must be given reasonable accommodations. In other words, mid-sized to large companies must not discriminate against employees who are amputees, permanently disabled, temporarily disabled, or too infirm to traverse a set of stairs.

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You may know how beneficial an inclined wheelchair lift can be to a business. The same design that works in a business setting will work in the home of a person who lives with mobility issues. These lifts allow a person to remain in a multi-story home.

A solid inclined wheelchair lift will deliver wheelchair support while working within the architectural design of your staircase. And there is no reason to worry about installation. An inclined wheelchair lift should be properly installed by a team of professionals.

An inclined wheelchair lift is attached to a flight of stairs and travels up and down the staircase. The lift takes a person up and down the next level by traveling on a flat plane. The wheelchair lift track follows the flight of the stairs. A straight inclined wheelchair lift follows a straight set of stairs. A curved lift allows for travel along a staircase around 90-or 180-degree turns. The curved inclined stair lifts are custom-designed.

Keep the home inclined wheelchair lift in the front of your mind when the time comes to explore mobility options.


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