complete-9-tnThe versatility offered by wheelchair lifts is terrific for homes or businesses in need of being accommodating for people with mobility issues.

Many people in the market for a wheelchair lift are first-time buyers. That means a lot of questions. One of the first will be: “Are there wheelchair lifts that work outdoors?” The answer: “Of course.” Apex Wheelchair Lifts has models that can operate indoors or outdoors:

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The Apex Complete is a fully enclosed wheelchair lift. That all-around enclosure keeps the elements out and the occupant dry and comfortable. This wheelchair lift also blends into its environment, thanks to the choices of panted steel, clear acrylic or tinted acrylic panels. The enclosed lift is integrated into the vertical platform lift system. The Apex Complete’s design means it is rounded out by wall, doors or gates. It has a weight capacity of 750 pounds. The safety features include an anti-skid platform and automatic emergency lighting.

The Apex Elite is another wheelchair lift that can be used for indoor or outdoor use. It features stainless steel construction, making it ideal for outdoor use. This wheelchair lift is built for superior strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. The Apex Elite is a low-rise travel vertical wheelchair lift with a screw drive system. This system allows the wheelchair lifts to be used effectively in a variety of indoor and outdoor environments. Safety features on this wheelchair lift include an anti-skid platform, emergency alarm, stop button and emergency battery-powered lowering. It has a weight capacity of 750 pounds.


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