omega-5Few homes and commercial buildings use a single-story design. And, even then, front steps fill the space from the street to the interior.

In affordably expanding accessibility, wheelchair lifts provide a multi-story solution. Inclined platform lifts – those that run along a rail from one point to another – sufficiently fill this gap.

However, rather than simply have a ramp in front, why might your building need a multi-story wheelchair lift?

1. The Design

Perhaps the most obvious point, where in your building will visitors or residents need to climb up a staircase from one point to another? The following are the most standard:

  1. Going inside – Getting up a large exterior staircase that leads to the entrance.
  2. Multiple Floors – When your building has at least two floors and no elevator.

2. Accessibility

omega-2Commercial buildings must meet standard accessibility requirements laid out by ADA and any state laws. As a result, buildings must be constructed with an accessible or “universal” design.

What’s the difference? These days, “accessibility” applies to a few specific mobility needs; for instance, installing elevators for floor-to-floor access. “Universal,” by contrast, is a term for barrier-free, user-accessible, and comfortable environments for all abilities, making each and every public space open to everyone.

Along these lines, states like California, considered the strictest for ability regulations, have extremely specific guidelines about what a building must feature:

  • Every building and structure must be equally functional for all members of the public and provide equal opportunity to public accommodations.
  • “Access” must allow all individuals to enter and use the building without limited or a loss of function.


3. In Apartment Buildings

Do you manage a multi-story apartment building or multi-family home? Giving all residents equal access is paramount, rather than limiting them to one floor, and that’s where a vertical lift comes in.

Of course, some states have exceptions, including if the apartments are single or duplex units. Yet, to expand accessibility in a three-floor, multi-unit complex without an elevator, installing a wheelchair lift turns out to be the most cost effective and efficient solution.

Do you find your building falling within these parameters? Make a move toward more universal accessibility with a wheelchair lift. Explore all Apex models here, and then call us for more information.

Our platform wheelchair lifts come as either vertical or inclined systems. Both systems have more than one model to help accommodate for any situation.Our vertical platform wheelchair lifts some in four different models. Our Apex Green model is economical and versatile. The Apex Green works great both indoors and outdoors. It can travel up to six feet, making it the perfect lift for traveling up or down a small distance. Next, we have the Apex Hydro, similar to the Apex Green, this model is perfect for residential use. It can travel up to 14 feet and make up to two stops. This model does not require a pit, keeping the installation price low. The Apex Complete is best used in a commercial setting. It does not require a pit and is fully enclosed. You can choose to have the acrylic shaft to be tinted or clear, depending on the amount of privacy desired. It is great for outdoor use because the inside will stay dry year round. Lastly, we offer the Apex Elite, and this model comes to you custom made. It is perfect for luxury hotels and high-end commercial buildings. The Apex Elite is made of stainless steel, making it durable and great for outdoor use.We also offer two different inclined platform wheelchair lift models. Vertical lifts cannot reach every corner or surface of a home or building. Instead of just having your mobility restricted, one of our inclined lifts can help you. Our Delta IPL model can help you maintain your independence by allowing you to move between floors with ease. This system uses a rail and platform that can carry someone in his or her wheelchair up and down a staircase. Both sides of the Delta fold down for easy on and off access, and they come with rechargeable batteries. The Omega IPL is commonly used in commercial buildings. They are custom and can travel up to 164 feet. The rail for the system is custom made to account for turns or sharp corners. With the Omega, there is no floor that will be off limits to someone in a wheelchair.Whether you need a platform wheelchair lift for your home or business, Apex Wheelchair Lifts has what you need. Check out our website for more details about each model and to see all the optional features we offer.


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