complete-9-tnThere are many ways a wheelchair lift can benefit a home or small business. They are an asset for people living with mobility issues. Wheelchair lifts come without the commitment or space required for a residential or commercial elevator.

There are vertical wheelchair lifts and inclined wheelchair lifts. They are powered by different kinds of lifting mechanisms.

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Vertical wheelchair lifts have two common lifting mechanisms:

Screw drive: The screw drive system is made up of a motor, screw shaft and large nut. The drive’s motor spins the screw shaft, raising or lowering the nut.

Hydraulic drive: This system consists of hydraulic fluid, reservoir, pump and piston. Hydraulic fluid is pumped out of the reservoir and into the base of the piston. The fluid is released back into the reservoir to lower the piston.

Vertical wheelchair lifts with up to six feet of travel are not required to be enclosed. Vertical wheelchair lifts with more than six feet of travel are required to be surrounded by six feet of walls.

There are two different kinds of inclined wheelchair lifts:

Straight inclined wheelchair lifts: These inclined lifts are built and designed to follow a straight set of stairs. This lift can be installed on any straight staircase.

Curved inclined lifts: These inclined lifts are built to follow a staircase around 90-degree, 180-degree and custom radius turns. The rails can be constructed to match a specific staircase.


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