delta-2Before you can begin to choose either an inclined or vertical wheelchair lift, you need to understand the differences between them. Both work to carry a wheelchair user to different levels in a home or building, but they operate very differently.

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Here are reviews of both types of wheelchair lifts:

  • Vertical wheelchair lift – features a platform that moves up and down vertically. All the wheelchair user has to do is board the lift, close the gate, and press the button to ascend or descend. Once the lift brings the user to the desired destination, the person can easily de-board. Vertical wheelchair lifts are popular because they can be installed away from a flight of stairs near an open area that acts as a landing site for the platform.
  • Inclined wheelchair lift – takes a passenger to the next level by traveling up and down a flat plane. The inclined lift is attached to a flight of stairs and travels up the staircase. The platform rides on a track that follows the contour of the stairs. There are two types of inclined platform lifts: straight, that follow a straight set of stairs and are easily installed; and curved, that follow a staircase around 90- or 180-degree turns and are custom made to match the staircase.

Vertical lifts are often preferred because they are available in flip-down and folding models that install easily. They have a platform on which the user can position the wheelchair and remain seated while being lifted up and down. The lifts have a variety of safety features, including under-platform sensors and an emergency stop switch.

Certain spaces may not be accessible by vertical lifts, so inclined platform lifts solve the problem. With a rail carrying passengers along a staircase, they come in straight and curved models that can be customized to your home staircase and may be designed to handle multiple floors.

Look online for wheelchair lifts providers who offer a variety of vertical and inclined models that provide the best option for your home. The companies will professionally install the lifts and provide extensive warranties to protect your purchase.


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