complete-9-tnProper maintenance is a must in order to get the most out of a wheelchair (or platform) lift. Most wheelchair lifts and platform lifts can be easily cleaned.

There should be a consistent cleaning schedule and one that should be followed on a regular basis. This will reduce the wear-and-tear on the wheelchair lift and also increase the lifespan of the wheelchair lift.

The frequency of the cleaning will likely be tied to the location of the wheelchair lift. Dust will fall on a wheelchair lift. Dirt can accumulate on an outdoor wheelchair lift. The cleaning will help keep gears clean and moving parts functional.

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Some wheelchair lifts are enclosed and might travel lesser distances. They will also have walls that require cleaning.

Use simple cleaning and dusting methods when cleaning the wheelchair or vertical platform lift.

The low cost of cleaning will pay off in the long run. Wheelchair lifts provide an efficient and economic effect solution for people living with limited mobility.

Vertical wheelchair lifts use two common lifting mechanisms: The screw drive and the hydraulic drive system.

The screw drive system features a motor, a screw shaft and a large nut. The motor spins the screw shaft, which raises or lowers the nut.

The hydraulic drive system consists of a reservoir, pump, hydraulic fluid and piston.

With all these moving parts, proper cleaning is vital.


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