complete-9-tnIf you have seen an inclined wheelchair lift at a business and were wondering if such a wheelchair lift would work in a home, the answer is yes.

The same design that allows an inclined wheelchair lift to work at a multi-story business will also work in a multi-story home.

Inclined wheelchair lifts are powered by a small motor and are designed to carry a person along a set of stairs. There is no need for major construction or upheaval of your home. Don’t worry about making home renovation plans.

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Inclined wheelchair lifts can also work on the stair of your home, no matter the design of those stairs. Straight inclined wheelchair lifts are designed to follow a straight set of stairs. This type of inclined wheelchair lift can be installed on any straight staircase. Curved inclined wheelchair lifts are designed to follow a staircase around 90 degrees, 180 degrees and around custom radius turns.

If outdoor use is a concern, there are inclined wheelchair lifts that will work indoors and outdoors. This means you can find an inclined wheelchair lift that will allow you to get up and down your back porch or a lift that allows you to travel up and down a narrow staircase in your home.

A residential inclined stair lift can be customized to the architecture of your home’s staircase. Apex Wheelchair Lifts can help you find the perfect inclined wheelchair lift for your home or the home of a loved one. Contact us today.


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