complete-9-tnThe installation of a wheelchair lift can be a terrific addition for a business. However, there are things every business should know before installing a wheelchair lift.

The Americans with Disabilities Act is now 25 years old and all businesses are (or should be) aware of ADA compliance. This also means being code-compliant. Many codes and building requirements are in place to make sure a business has accommodations for people living with disabilities. If it is hard for a business to have ramps for full access to a building, a wheelchair lift might be the perfect solution. This is especially true if the alternative is a set of long, winding ramps. It also may be cheaper in the long run.

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Wheelchair lifts offer stability and versatility. There are wheelchair lifts on the market that will work indoors or outdoors.

Think of the advantage of the indoor wheelchair lift. Anywhere there is a set of chairs, there is likely space for a wheelchair lift. Inclined wheelchair lifts are designed to provide transportation for someone who needs to move up and down a flight of stairs.

A vertical wheelchair lift is similar to an elevator in that it has higher side guards and can be installed indoors or outdoors.


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