omega-4When you’re bound to a wheelchair, just doing something as simple as getting up a ramp to your front doorstep or climbing the stairs can be a chore. Things can be made much easier with the use of a wheelchair lift.

Suitable for use in homes, schools, churches, or other public spaces, multi-level inclined wheelchair lifts provide access over a flight of stairs. They are ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, are solidly built for dependable operation, and are compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act guidelines.

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Multi-level inclined wheelchair lifts handle curved staircases and intermediate landings and offer accessibility indoors and outdoors. No corner of a building or home is left unreachable. The lifts expand accessibility for wheelchair users and keep the stairway open for everyone else.

Multi-level inclined wheelchair lifts come with a 550-pound capacity, a 14-foot-per-minute rated speed, and a standard platform size of 28 inches by 35 inches. They have a travel capacity of up to 164 feet. They provide a smooth, comfortable ride with an anti-skid floor and come with safety features including an emergency stop and alarm. They come with a standard powder-coated beige finish with custom colors available.

The benefits of multi-level inclined wheelchair lifts are numerous:

  • They provide a quiet, smooth ride.
  • They are extremely durable and virtually maintenance-free.
  • They are energy-efficient.
  • They are equipped with enhanced safety features.
  • And, they are flexible to use in any residential setting, indoors and out.

Multi-level inclined wheelchair lifts have helped to make the lives of so many physically challenged people easier by offering increased accessibility. They are instrumental in providing a newfound sense of independence for the wheelchair bound who depend on them for convenient multi-level wheelchair access indoors and outdoors in residential settings.


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