omega-3If you or a loved one is handicapped and has difficulty climbing stairs, a handicap wheelchair lift from Apex Wheelchair Lifts is an ideal solution. We provide an efficient and economical mobility solution that elevates handicap individuals from one floor to another with ease.

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We offer a variety of vertical and inclined handicap wheelchair lifts. Vertical platform lifts carry passengers vertically from one level to another while inclined wheelchair lifts carry passengers along a set of stairs.

Our handicap wheelchair lifts run smoothly, from 8 to 25 feet per minute with 34″ wide by 54″ deep platforms that accommodate up to 750 pounds. Our lifts are emergency battery powered with automatic battery recharging systems and feature automatic emergency lighting and emergency alarm/stop buttons for added safety.

Our inclined handicap wheelchair lift models come in straight and custom curved options for straight and curved staircases. Our custom curved options are customized to your home staircase and can follow 90 and 180 degree curves and custom radius turns.

As you see, we have models for all kinds of homes and are eager to assist you in deciding which wheelchair lift option is best for your home and the individual who will use it.

Take advantage of our 24/7/365 express phone service and call us anytime at 888-277-3858 for more information. Professional representatives are standing by to provide information on handicap wheelchair lift solutions for you or your loved ones.

Apex Wheelchair Lifts are provided by Nationwide Lifts, America’s leader in home elevators and lifts with offices around the country. Call 888-277-3858 to find the office nearest you and visit us for a look at handicap wheelchair lift models and help in selecting the best one for you and your family. We’re sure you’ll find a model that will provide enhanced mobility for handicap individuals who will be able to enjoy their home with a wheelchair lift.


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